For those who are unknown to the content writers and the various types of job they perform, for them, it is all one and the same. They remain a mystery for those people who know little or nothing about writing and their profession. For a usual guy, a content writer and a copywriter may fall under the same category.

Let’s take a look at the different types of writers and their job role.

1 SEO copywriter/generalist


The generalist copy inscribers are king of the deal. They prove to be an ideal choice for dense magnitude, concise, apprehension-grade content. As writing these does not ask for any professional skills, in short anyone could write generalist content. That is why it is known as generalist copywriter.

  • Have the ability to harmonize the keywords, so to get the desired results.
  • Extends supports in search leverage and avert from penalties.
  • Help in creating content to achieve better positioning for pulling more traffic.

2.Brand journalist

The writers who are brand journalist specialize themselves writing lengthier matter. This can be recognized in a brand magazine. Going across a brand magazine will help you to understand the concept better. The brand journalists are quite a remarkable fetching and fabricating a brand tale. So to fit the content written according to the brand. These brand journalists traverse a particular topic from various angles possible. So to crack a way of writing it in such a manner that it catches the eye of every interested individual.

  1. Brand journalists are good at creating headlines
  2. They are able to produce decent content marketing pieces.
  3. They are pretty efficient in making placement, content spotlighting
  4. Efficient in writing organization history, newsletters etc.


3.Digital/UX writer

 Present time websites and applications are collective abode. Unlike a printed advertisement put up on a billboard. It can include multiple screens, display-pages, links, buttons and various another sort of action driving things which a user uses to interact on the page. It is the place right where the digital/UX writer steps in and finishes the job.

  • Ability to understand complicated categories of virtual walks.
  • They come decorated with strategies and tactics to help out individuals.
  • Thus proving a better understanding of what it is and how it works.
  • Ability to give the websites a professional touch


  1. Conversion rate optimization/lead generation writer

 A lead generation writer is sharply focused on attaining action. They can often imbricate along with a UX writer. The prime focus of the conversion writer is to generate leads and creating sales. They often have concrete information of analytics, data, that extends support to fabricate an impactful copy. They typically grasp methods of selling and another technical know how to minimize hurdles, obstacles, for sales. The chief motive is to drag the prospect customer towards an end sale.

They are efficient in tasks like

  • Master in creating PPC ads
  • Creating banner ads
  • Deploying landing pages and call to action (CTA)
  • Writing sales letters
  1. Subject Matter Expert

 A subject matter, the explanation reflects from the term as well. A subject matter expert is someone who holds the in-depth knowledge and an insight into the industry. So the subject matter expert is well informed about what he is going to write. He has all the right to start writing with authority about it. A decorated (professional) subject matter expert is someone hard to look for. As compared to a general SME the quest for a professional one is comparably rough. But the catch here is if the project is described well enough with accurate details, then the SME will be at a better position to deliver on what was promised.

The other leverage is the expertise they have in their line of work. The other way to get along with harmony is to consider one of a kind method. Which is to lay hands on subject ideas never crossed your mind.

An SME is an intelligent pick for focused content like

  • Whitepapers
  • E-books (Electronic book)
  • Professional brief
  • Content that generates leads (sales)


  1. Social Media Writer


When we say the word “Social Media” the keyword here is social. Social media writers have a transparent insight into how the content over social media is scribbled.  In other words how little interactions turn to conversations then converting finally into transactions in some cases. The social media writers know the perfect time when the hashtags, links, voluntary statements should be used. They are precisely experienced about how the content could be delivered from one platform to another. While on the other hand making the most out of it.

An efficient social media writer has expertise in

  • The perfect way to create a social media audience, and if something goes wrong how to turn the tables to their favour
  • Perfect knowledge and instinct of what will be the perfect time to post on various social media platforms
  • This gives them the edge to know the in and out to get the most of interaction and to attain the desired feedbacks and responses.
  1. Advertising Copywriter

 The advertising copywriter steps in where time and space are limited. They are so trained that they tend to create productive content in the required timeframe. While on the other hand, they create content that delivers the most out of it and accumulating everything in a short and powerful message.

  • Advertising copywriters reframing everything in a unique angle on known subjects.
  • Apart from the conventional media, they can be used to create concise landing pages, homepages. 
  1. Technical writer

The technical writers can be better explained as the writers who have expertise in technical know how. While on the other hand, they have a laser focus on scribbling technical content. The unique way or in simpler words the method used by the technical writers to explain some very complex (tough) concepts is their USP.  They simply have mastered themselves of thinking in a sequential manner. Also working on instruction provided by the client to work accordingly is another added advantage they have.

Technical writers are ideal for

  • Writing guides
  • Technical know how’s
  • Answering FAQs
  • Simplified Instructions
  1. Influencer

 Hiring an influencer has humongous benefits. The biggest benefit is their ability to possess to built them the audience. Does not matter if the written material (content) is of nature which is out of the box. The influencer with his set of skills and abilities can turn the tables around. The battle which appears to be lost can be won simply with the influencer. The influencers boost the reliability in the content fabrication. It also can improve the person to person conception about something.

influencers are ideal for

  • The influencers are backed with the ability to persuade the readers.
  • Their relationship with the people enhances the credibility of brand or organization which is represented by the influencer
  • They sometimes act as Subject Matter Expert in some cases due to the expertise in the predefined
  • The influencers ability can be used to take the leverage of the in-built content heightening potential
  1. Grant Writers

 Grant writing is a predefined task with some out of the box essentials. The grant writers not only share stories but on the other hand persuade the audience as well. What makes them stand out and stand apart from the crowd is the ability to mingle random and sentimental emotions in a very organized manner.


  • As their writing has to deliver the specified needs and demands they go with down to layout writing.
  • Here while writing a small mistake could damage the organization’s goodwill and avoid the chances of snagging a grant.
  • The efficient grant writers are systematic and detail aligned which helps to win grant recognition.


Above are mentioned some various types of writers and where how they contribute towards their line of work. Each one of them is unique in its own way as they specialize in various fields of writing























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