What is article spinning?

what comes to your mind when you heard about spinning articles for the very first time?

Any guesses or any ideas?

No okay, don’t worry  I’ll help you out. Spinning articles are nothing but the mechanism of rewriting of the articles in the pursuit of the creation of brand new articles to bypass duplication of content concern which may pay off as a penalty on behalf of search engine giants like Google, Bing etc.

The following are the major reasons why spinning article are bad for your website?

REASON 1: Search giant’s love crispy and up to date content.

To stay on the top of the web page search results it is not a rocket science in understanding that the search giants like GOOGLE, YAHOO & BING’s first preference will be updated yet untouched data just to reach the highest rankings in web search results.

REASON 2: Most spinning software creates an unreadable form of data.

The biggest issue of spinning software is that it creates bad quality or unreadable version of articles. It’s better to rewrite the articles manually rather than using the spinning article software. I don’t think that you will be astonished to know that the time consumed in both, writing fresh content as well as spinning hardly differs from one another.

REASON 3: The phrases are different but the content is same.

Article spinning application does nothing but just creates a lower quality of the written material which may be in the unreadable form or may be of low quality with a poor way of replicating data.

REASON 4: Article spinning is termed as an unprofessional practice.

Majority of the population takes into consideration that the article spinning is unethical which is true. That’s not it, if it comes to the light of people that a particular person is into article spinning, I bet that will be a big blow/hit to the person’s online goodwill and reputation and credibility. Give it your best shot not to get yourself in not becoming a part of article spinning activity or become like article spinners. Its advised to stay away from getting into such associations as it is nothing new in coming to the light that reputation build up may take up an entire lifetime to build/develop but to tarnish the very same name it might take a couple of minutes or even seconds would be enough to take everything you created with your hard work down with a storm
The readers that follow you everywhere because your writing skills may be not happy that you were stealing whatever you wrote, it was all someone else’s hard work.

REASON 5: Articles that are spun do not hand over any more supplementary knowledge to the elocution

As already stated in the subheader that spin writing is just another manner or way in which things are said which does not carry any knowledge neither is of any beneficence to the reader, apart from that also a person’s website or particular product/blog on which he writes it’s highly possible that it’s spinning of the articles but there are slight chances that there may be something unique in the spin article which the writer has not copied and created instead still it’ll all be taken as spin article.

REASON 6: Search engine giants like Google, Yahoo & Bing are on the hunt of those spin articles

Well, renowned search engine giants like Google, Bing including Yahoo has already taken the initiative for getting ready against the fight between the copied data and the authentic data (spin content). As I heard already that Google “Panda” an algorithm that does the work of looking for copied or duplicate content on web pages before it getting uploaded or published and available to the readers which has a special focus on small publishing houses that produce the maximum of spin articles.

REASON 7: Those who are into article spinning has already limited their creativity

The use of spin application for writing creative articles doesn’t make a person creative neither smart instead the person becomes creatively lousy as well as lazy because of which a person loses his creativity of creating something new out of nothing, also this habit of using the spin application will, at last, will kill the person’s creativity and will bring an end to the creative mindset of the person.

REASON 8: The articles which are spin percolate the market.

Let me bring this to light that spin writing can only enable a person to create multiple versions of a similar article with the very same meaning whereas the original article brings out something new to the people whereas spinning of the article leads to market penetration. Also, the originality of the content is lost while spinning the content as well as high chances of the Panda app labeling your content as a replicated content

Reason 9: Considered as a black hat technique

Blackhat as of now everyone is aware of the black hat and why it’s been used or by whom it had been used. For those who don’t know what is black hat I’ll explain in short it is termed as a type of hacking or can say as the ability of unwanted technical and application interference and manipulation of these things for pesonal gains which is  unethical in terms of content writing or in any aspect related to this which means this type of information is used by a person to gain unauthorized profits by unethical or inappropriate means to get the job done as this is used as a black hat technique to drive more traffic to the webpage by bypassing the ethical parameters of marketing.


This article explains to us the significance of writing orginal content over spin articles as to why spinning articles can be bad for your website it also in the end, spinning ruins the writer with forever damaged creativity as well as brings down the morale of the writer’s who put great effort in writing the content.

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