Today we all are living in a very fast paced world. This world waits for no one. Time is the most precious thing in this world. No one can really argue with this fact. The most important thing is that this world is all about competition these days. It is all about remaining ahead of other people in every task.


Same is the case with job hunting perspective. Whether one will get a job or not depend upon a number of things. The most of thing of all these things is CV actually. When it comes to job searching or job hunting, the importance of CV is really significant.


What is a CV?


The most important question here is that what is a CV? The answer to this question is that CV is defined as curriculum vitae and this is all about you and your life. It is about your educational qualification, your professional skills and your area of expertise. Moreover, it is also about your hobbies and interests.


Why you need CV?


As we discussed CV is really important for getting a good job or we can say these days it has become a necessity and every employer wants a really good CV.


If you have got a good CV then you are a serious candidate for getting a good job. Otherwise, these days without a good CV getting a job is not really possible.


An impressive CV


So as our title read how to write an impressive CV for students or professionals, we will discuss how to write a good CV.


Firstly we will talk about what to include in your CV. So here are the following things one must include in their CV. Without these things it is not possible to write a good and an impressive CV. The another main reason to write an impressive CV is that to write a cv in such way so that It can Grab the the attention of Reader like employer


  • Name and contact details


Firstly in a CV you need to include your name and contact details. These things are placed at the top of a CV. No can really miss these things. We include these things at the top so that no one actually misses these things.


One can also include the professional title with these things as well. In contact details one should mention his or her cell number and email address. Other details are like your hometown and your country. There is no need to write full address.


  • Profile statement


Then comes your personal statement or personal profile. Here you need to tell about yourself. Like you need to tell who are you? Then what can you offer the company? Most importantly what are your career goals?


Actually, this profile statement is a kind of short paragraph in which you tell about yourself. This part of CV is really important and sometimes it becomes a deciding factor in getting a job as well. So one must prepare this well in his or her CV.


  • Skills section


Then comes the skills section. Here you will mention all your core skills. You will tell about your area of expertise. Like if you are a programmer then you will mention all the languages you know very efficiently to just your case with the employer.


  • Work experience and employment history


Under this comes your job history. Like where have you worked in the past and at which position and in which area you have worked so that employer can get a hint about your job cycle.


You will list your job experience in different fields in chronology order. Like where you have worked earliest mention it in the first place. Them mention your all other jobs experience.


You can do like that state your job title and in with that you need to mention the dates from which you started working and ending date of work.


  • Education and qualification


This is a very important part of CV and it should never be ignored if you really want a good CV. Mention your educational background with the name of institutes where you have studied. Grades can be mentioned here. You can also check CV samples from Google to write a best cv.


  • Hobbies and interests


This section of CV is all about extracurricular activities. In this section, you need to mention all your hobbies and interests. Add all the hobbies and interests in such a way that all these hobbies and interests add value to your CV. Otherwise, there is a need to mention these as these will be superfluous to the employer and the employer might reject you for the job.


The most important thing is that these hobbies and interests must be added when your CV is lacking. If you think without these hobbies and interests your CV is good to go then there are no issues. It is not mandatory to include these.


Most important tips while writing CV


Here we will try to list all the important tips you need to keep in mind while writing your CV. Here are the most important tips.


  • Keep it simple and real. There is no need to prepare a very big CV. Keep your CV to two pages and not more than that.
  • Make it very specific. Make it in a way that it is tailor made for the company where you are going to apply for a job. Do not mention anything that is not relevant to the job for which you are applying as it will always create a bad impression of you on the employer.
  • Always keep your CV up-to-date. Whether you are going to apply for a job or not, it becomes your duty to update it from time to time.
  • Read your CV after you have made it. Try to find the errors as it will be helpful when you will look for a job because most of the times employers only look for errors. So it becomes really necessary to keep all the errors out of your CV.
  • Never ever lie in your CV. These lies can land you in troubles when employer will check your background in the CV. You can lie something which you can justify.
  • Try to put all the things in bullet points in your CV. Bullet points will make your CV look good.
  • Try to spend a lot of time while making your CV. There is no need to rush through the things. Keep calm and keep chill. No one is behind you. Give a lot of time to your CV.
  • Try to make your CV keyword friendly. Keywords will help a lot as it will help the search engine to pick your CV from a pile of other CVs which you are uploaded from time to time on internet.




If you are looking for a job then let us delude you from the fact that you can get a good job without a CV or a good CV. It is not possible. So take out some time and prepare a good and impressive CV or hire a professional cv writers if you want to become a serious contender for job.

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