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Some people could ask why we are discussing digitalization. Well! one should be familiar with the fact that it is digitalization that has fast-track globalization. Moreover, globalization has lessened the education barrier. These days, students, sitting at their homes, are able to study at any of their desired colleges or university, even in any of their desired countries. The rise in the demand for education, in foreign colleges, has enhanced the scope for SOP writers as well. Due to this, there is a good future in freelance SOP writing for the people who wish for helping students for getting admission to the finest colleges in the world. If you are also wishing the same, the following steps would be helpful for you to obtain your career as a freelance SOP writer.


What is SOP?

The expanded form of SOP is Statement of Purpose which is also known by different names like admission essay, application essay, or personal statement. In simple words, a written document of the student to satisfy the admission panel members for accepting his/her admission to the college or university.

This mandatory document gives a glance at the student’s interests, personality, professional achievements, educational qualifications and goals.


Scope as a freelance SOP writer

Due to the increase in the demand for SOP writers, many educational consultancies employ SOP writers. The teams of writers of these educational consultancies put down powerful SOPs for the students.

Including a high pay scale, Freelance essay writing provides everything that one dreams for his/her growing career. The condition is, that one should have a great storyteller who can convince the admission panel members for giving admission to the students.

Good thing while working as a freelancer SOP writer is, that you choose a flexible schedule without any worries of a heavy workload. It helps you to complete your task more effectually without any kind of stress.

You do not need to bother about geographical limitations while writing a freelance SOP. You are independent to work anytime, anywhere across the globe.


Steps for becoming a freelance SOP writer

The SOP writer must be highly qualified and super intelligent. However, it does not state that a mediocre person cannot write a perfect SOP.

There is no qualification set for becoming an SOP writer. But companies would only hire you if you fulfil certain conditions such as fluency in the other foreign language or especially the English language, communication skills and writing skills for writing an engaging SOP.

For making it easy, our team has gathered information from different resources for helping you to become a freelance SOP writer.


  1. Need for Training


One could have enough writing skills. Still, having good writing skills is not enough for becoming an essay writer. Every writing has some rules which everyone should follow. Training is the only medium, through which one gets to know about the rules in depth. Moreover, training helps you build a successful career in SOP writing. After getting trained, one can go for internship classes.


  1. Reading – A habit

Make reading your habit. In a Statement Of Purpose, a student tells about his goals, educational background and interests like a story-telling. This story should be engaging. Reading helps your brain to grab different writing styles. And, your brain invents innovative ideas for narrating a story. In addition, reading helps you build your vocabulary.


  1. Work on Writing Skills

Keep in mind that even famous writers or authors don’t become overnight. Their hard work helps them to polish up their writing skills. There is a common mantra ‘Practice makes a man perfect. For becoming a successful freelancer SOP writer, write consistently which will make you convinced with the rules as well as formats of SOP writing.


  1. Prepare a Portfolio

Similar to a beautiful photo, a well-prepared portfolio helps you in reflecting on your earlier work. This collection of work helps you establish a successful name as a freelance SOP writer. The companies hiring SOP writers will ask you for a strong portfolio that can distinguish you from your competitors. You can create your portfolio on your own, moreover, many reputed websites also create online portfolios.


  1. Own a website

A website will act as a bridge between you and your clients. A good website gives all the information about you, your work experience, your service and the prices you charge. Do not forget to update your website regularly. Post stuff on your website which would give voice to your brand. Besides, it would help you market your essay writing which is crucial for your freelance SOP writing business.


  1. Branding

Always remember, that everything begins from scratch. Being your brand face, you need to begin personal branding. You can share your vision as well as your story which will help you get in touch with your clients and make a strong relationship by gaining their trust. You can use LinkedIn for personal branding to connect with experts across the world. In addition to this, there are other platforms which help you promote your brand such as social media.


  1. Rates you charge

It is thoroughly on you to set the rates for your SOP writing such as per word or writing. Your clients would work with you after examining your SOP charges so fix the best rates after studying all the factors. Do not charge too low or high than the actual market rates otherwise you will lose.


  1. Stay accessible and connected

Stay connected – if you want to make your successful career in freelance SOP writing. Get in contact with your fellow freelancers as well as clients regularly by participating in conferences, online sessions or workshops. You can also use social media for staying in contact with your clients.


  1. Learn and improve

Companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, and many more ask their customers for reviews, have you ever wondered why they do so. A key point is nobody is perfect. Reviews from others assist them to improve their weak points.

Similarly, for becoming a successful freelance SOP writer, you must keep learning and improve yourself every day. Your clients’ reviews would help you achieve this. Do not get demotivated by some negative reviews, instead of this take them seriously and improve them.

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