The internet has proven to be a potential-laden medium. It is very much the foundation on which eighty percent of the world is built on. Virtually every niche has a connection to the internet. This is because the internet is like a soft copy of the actual world. It initially started with websites but has quickly moved from websites to applications. Like everything with potential there is never one side to this coin (internet) but two. The internet can be compared to an ocean housing both the good, the bad and the ugly. In as much as search engines, web operators and other stakeholders try as much as possible to make this ocean safe, it is still laden with danger. Enough of the negative talking, the internet also has a huge number of benefits. Benefits that can be converted to physical cash.

The internet is a marketplace that you can go to without any physical cash but bring back something substantial as long as you have something of value to give. In other words, their tons of ways to make money from the internet. Some of these ways require some amount of money while others are totally free. While there are a lot of dangers on the internet, there are still places to invest your money and places to make some quick cash without spending any physical cash (all you need to do is devote your time and energy).  This article will answer the question of how to make money on the internet safely.

Content Writing

This could either be a long or short-term strategy. Most people usually stick to the short-term aspect of it. You can either develop content from topics assigned to you by bloggers (freelance writing) or develop your own content and promote it on your blog. There are different type of content writers which you can choose according to your work. If you don’t have experience with Magento development or any SEO agency to consult them I’ll suggest you go with the freelance writing option.

Writing ebooks

You could also write books and sell them online. If you have a passion for writing, all you need do is pick your niche, observe the trend and develop relevant content. eBay, Amazon, online books, and write books on e-commerce ccontent writing websites. have made this process easier as you must necessarily need to have your own blog. All you need to do is create a profile and put up your books for sale.

Affiliate marketing

If you are somebody who spends a lot of time online, then you can use this as an additional money making venture. All you need to do is get an affiliate program, select the product you want to promote and start promoting them using your affiliate link. You get paid whenever someone who visited the site via your link takes a call-to-action.

Build a blog

This is more of a long term strategy unless you plan to either go into affiliate marketing or are ready to pack your blog full of Ads. If you have web designing skills, you can also design websites and sell them. This way you make your money and relieve yourself the stress of maintaining a website.

Online surveys

This is similar to competing for a questionnaire online but in this case, you get paid. All you need do is to register online and you will start receiving questionnaires based on the amount of details you provided. Survey monkey, mobrog, etc. are examples. They may not raise much money but you don’t pay to get started either.

Paid apps and websites

I know what you are probably imagining but it is very true. You can get paid by visiting websites and/or downloading applications. As for the application, you can get paid as much as $50 per month as long as the application remains on your phone. For the websites however, you get paid on the number of pages you visit.

Starting a You tube channel

This is one means of creating awareness to the public at no cost. With a google account and a good camera (your phone camera can do), you are ready to go. A lot of professionals offer online tutorials and you can join the trend. By offering online tutorials, you can also promote your business in the process.

It is important to note that most of these means of making money online stated in this article are mostly free or would cost you less than a cup of coffee. Furthermore, the means stated in this article are those that involve minimal physical effort. Other means of making money safely online that involve a higher physical effort include selling goods online, offering online taxi services to mention a few.

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