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Whenever you find reviews regarding restaurant or shopping complex or anything you would like to have a try. Of course, the positive feedback always has a good response and it is trustworthy. This is because people who have experienced a product or service are most likely to know how to judge whether it is good or bad. Upon judging it as the best one then they would like to recommend to their friends or family members. Online review is one such strategy that has been followed by most of the customers before they could head to the service. According to a survey conducted in 2014, it has been observed that more than 85% of the customers completely depend on online reviews and customer testimonials to know about a particular service or product.  It is too good to be true that customer testimonial for marketing is something trustworthy and is believed by most of the people.

What is the use of testimonials?

The testimonials are considered as the most powerful as well as an effective way of selling goods and services in the market. Testimonials are very good as they prove to be really beneficial. However, you were most likely to make the purchase from them if you can project some examples of regarding the product with positive reviews that could really help them. Undoubtedly this is one of the best ways that will help in increasing the sales rate of your product in the market. They are really great with helping in promotion for either small business or a large one which also keeps tracking the clients and makes note of the potential brand.

Is it possible to leverages customer testimonial for marketing?

Well, it is fortunate that using testimonials can help in attaining a large number of customers which also has the possibility to increase your potential. A lot of customers are always looking for alternative ways before they could actually purchase something. They do not know how to take decisions perhaps the customer testimonials can be a helping hand for them. The reasons are,

  • The testimonials add, therefore, decision making becomes easier.  The customers can very easily decide whether a particular product is well reputed to purchase or not.

  • They are hundred percent trustworthy and make you completely believe the product and help in understanding what it is. Once the customers start believing in your perfect then they will definitely reach you again and again.

  • Even the testimonials have the capacity to retain a large number of customers. As the content writing in the testimonial will help the individuals to go through it and have a clear idea of the product or the service.

How to get testimonials?

Most of the clients are often confused not knowing how to get customer testimonials. You can very easily consult the customers so as to help them know that you require feedback from them. Alternatively, you can also send the survey to them or you can also contact them directly through phone calls. In addition to that, you can also give a token of appreciation for the testimonials that the users have provided for you. One of the best ways to increase customer testimonials is to make them engaging. Video testimonials can also be one of the great choices or you can simply add a feedback form to the content writing or website.

Tips for leveraging your customer testimonials

Well, the testimonials are an objective and complete message to all the potential customers that your service is an excellent one. Most of the people do not know how to make use of the leverage customer testimonials. By following the tips given below it becomes very easy to associate with the customer testimonials.

1. Create stories in the customer testimonials

If you can hire best content writers then this could be a lot more beneficial for you. You can simply make use of something creative and make stories in the customer testimonials. Then there are maximum chances for the people to get attracted and stay in connection with you.

2. Build on the strength

You have to be potent enough in order to build on your own strength and strategies. The customer reviews will help in connecting with the product. So if you can make time to read the reviews then you will know about your product and if there are any negative then you can work on them to make it positive. Within no time you will really build a positive feedback from each and every individual.

3. Leverage testimonials that increase the lead

The customer testimonials are always an excellent way where you can simply start the lead. This will effectively help in boosting up your SEO that will also increase ranking. So this will be automatically generated with the user content where you can make use of customer testimonials as the keywords.

4. Approach the best customer individually

You can also reach one or few of the best customers who are really good at giving excellent customer testimonials. Reaching them in person will really strengthen you and will also help you to create a friendly relationship with them. It’s a huge win-win all around where your brand gets promoted in lots of ways.

5. Follow different marketing strategies

You can also start leveraging your customer testimonials by following different marketing strategies available. Making use Best content writers implement blog creations, case studies, website product or service page, and printing marketing materials. All these can be beneficial for you. Sometimes the social media posts can also be a helping hand where you can reach the targeted audience. So simply create your own testimonial page that will help in reaching the audience at right time.


However even a simple collection of customer testimonials much more beneficial for any business. Upon receiving these testimonials it is also essential to know how to leverage those powerful words and make use of them. Finally, these are considered as objectives and positive messages that will possibly draw the attention of customers making a positive opinion.


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