Is it becoming a bit difficult for you to attract new more clients with your content marketing efforts? It’s not a thing to worry. I’m saying this because you’re not the only one who is facing this kind of situation. In fact, most of the bloggers are unable to allure new clients through content marketing.

I am today, trying to show you some certain ways that can be beneficial for your content marketing to increase search traffic at a high rate and attract more and more of clients for your online business.

If you try these tips, you can expand traffic on your online business by 13.15% in about 30 days.

These tips will help you to:

  • Attract more and more of clients

  • Enhance your email list size

  • Get more valuable comments from the visitors

  • Repeat viewers to your blog

  • And much more…

With a good marketing strategy and a very solid plan, you’ll always be ahead of your competitors.

Create Content that Provides Value

Most of the times, marketing professionals try to create a content because they’re not actually familiar with what else they can do. They think, hitting a word count is enough to automatically generate top of the line results. Actually, it isn’t true.

If you want to create a great content (a blog post or infographic), it doesn’t need to add more and more of the words, try to make your content simple but with a great value. Give a reason for people to stay in your online business and read the piece of what you want to convey. Give a reason to your viewers to check back again in the future for more updated contents. Most important is, give your visitors a reason to share your content with their audience.

Make navigation of your content easy.

A problem with most of the content professionals is, they make it difficult for the people to find their contents or, in simple words they do unable to organize their content. If it will be difficult for the clients to navigate your business contents, definitely they will abandon your website.

Categories and tags are an essential way to make navigation easy. It is very helpful with SEO.

Here’s an example of the website of contents that you can easily navigate:

Creation of relevant content.

If there is traffic on your online business you can’t say you will reach your targets. You just need not have traffic on your website, in fact, you need to have educated traffic. For attracting qualified traffic, there is a need for some great and valuable content out there which is relevant to your client.

Before writing content, spend time and explore the things about your target niche and determine the latest demands of content. Ask questions to your already connected clients, listen to their needs. This is the only way to know everything that is important to your clients.

Use targeted keywords and clean SEO.

Keywords and SEO perform a vital role and make an impact on your clients. Google and other search engines work consistently to improving their user’s experience and help people find content as per their interest. They try user to get exactly what he/she is looking for. If you use keywords systematically, Google will reward you by enhancing your rank.  Having and following a good SEO strategy will help your rankings boost in a fast time. Check out this Definitive Guide to SEO Strategy in 2018.

The ideal places for including your keywords are:

The URLs.

Main titles and Headline tags.

In the first paragraph/first sentence.


Image file names and the alt text.

Meta descriptions.

For your SEO insights, setting up Google webmaster tools for your website to get useful data will be effectual:

Make your content shareable.

It will be more effective if your content will be shareable. But the thing to discuss is, what and how to make content shareable? There is a simple rule if your viewer will gain anything he/she will definitely share your content otherwise not.

Assume yourself as a viewer and think about what types of comments, articles, and posts that you like to share online. You only share the content if it is knowledgeable or related to your niche.

As per my thoughts, I made a list of contents that get shared most often:

  • Helpful and informative. Everyone likes to share the latest updates and trends. These phenomena deal with every kind of stuff, but the thing is content needs to be helpful and informative.

  • Negate a theory. People also share fallacies of latest trends and updates that oppose popular thought.

  • Often, emotional humanitarian stuff gets shared.

  • Current affairs. People mostly like to share latest happenings across the world.

Repeat your content more than once.

No doubt, it will take money as well as time to create content on your own, but often many marketers publish their great contents once, and then never think to use them again.

For spreading your great content more and more, you need to continually promote and share your content. You can turn your content into a podcast, can combine it into downloadable reports, post them as social media posts, newsletters and emails, or can also turn them into YouTube videos.

Absolutely, you need to again modify your content before reposting, but the difficult thing of making the content is already done.

As you already know, content marketing isn’t a new approach. But it is necessary to have a deep knowledge about it to stay on the top of the trends in content marketing strategies.

In the end, we’d love to hear about your success with content marketing. You can share it in the comments below. Or you can write if you have more tips about content marketing and can also ask questions.

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