All the aspirers looking to study abroad must curate an SOP. Lack of knowledge, interest, and laziness often leads to candidates sending out SOP without reverting.And this happens when you commit either of the ten listed mistakes.Remember, SOP covers four primary outlines- who you are, what you have done, what you want to do, and how the university can help you. When these four aspects are weaved cohesively, you are more likely to get the admission officer’s attention. justarticlez. one of best sop writing service will let you know more about common mistakes to avoide while writing sop

So, let’s learn some common mistakes that most of us make to avoid in the future:

Working on SOP at the Eleventh Hour

Often, candidates do not understand the significance of investing time and effort to write an SOP. They believe candidates can simply spend a few hours copy-pasting the samples online. However, this is neither enough nor feasible. Thus, it is strongly advised to work on the SOP a month before you ought to submit applications. Write as many rough draughts as you need, improving on each one. Remember that the SOP results from much thought and planning and cannot be left to the last minute.

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Poor Introduction and Conclusion

No doubt, the introduction is the first thing that your admission officer sets eyes on. So, you should make it memorable and impress the reader’s attention. Similarly, start your 1000-word essay with a powerful line, such as a quote that summarises your academic experience or one that reflects your mindset, thinking, or aspirations, to ensure that the admissions committee reads the entire thing.

Similarly, how you end your SOP is important because it is the last thing a reader remembers about your essay. Finish by stating your expectations from the university and how you hope to contribute to the university. Your conclusion must demonstrate your knowledge of the university and the program for which you apply.

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Remember that the first impression is the most lasting.

Using Informal Langage

Make use of formal language.

Use words and phrases that are polite, professional, and respectful. Have strong and empowering vocabulary handy, and do not miss out on grammar. A panel of distinguished academics will read your essay.

Avoid abbreviations and jargon. Keep your sentences precise and to the point. Plus, you prefer to use words and phrases that you are comfortable with or familiar with.

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Don’t try to adorn your writing with lofty words.

Not Including Relevant Details

The sole purpose of an Statement of purpose is to provide just enough information about yourself and your experiences to secure admission. Don’t stray from the topic and reveal personal information about your family history, financial situation, personal anecdotes, and so on, unless it is relevant to studying Master’s Degree abroad.


Know that your business plan is not your autobiography!

Talking too much about the weak score

It all comes down to circumstances when it comes to backlogs and low GPAs. It is a subjective question that varies depending on the profile. Remembering a general rule of thumb is to stay positive and highlight your learning from experience.

As a result, only mention your backlogs or low GPA if you had exceptional circumstances such as illness, genuine lack of interest, etc. Make no attempt to justify or excuse your poor academic performance; instead, portray it as the beginning of something better.

Positivity is essential because it speaks volumes about you.

Exceed Word Limit

The university will usually specify the word limit you must adhere to; if it is not stated on the website, it is always a good idea to contact the admissions office via email and inquire about it. Otherwise, try to keep it between 500 and 1000 words.

A lengthy SOP focusing solely on your accomplishments will not hold the attention of the admissions committee, which reviews close to 10,000 applications each season.

Making SOP too flashy

While it is essential to discuss your accomplishments, it is even more important not to brag. You must demonstrate your knowledge while stating your experience/educational qualification. This indicates that you are curious, eager to learn, and humble.

Using bold, italics, underlines, highlights, bright colors, and fancy fonts is strictly prohibited. Use a simple font with basic formatting and no colors other than black. The best SOP writers know the font styles and content formats.

Your SOP should have a minimalistic and clutter-free impression.

Using too much Flattery

The academic officers going through your SOP are aware of the high quality of education and extravagant infrastructure they provide, so do not waste your time flattering them. Your SOP is all about you, your accomplishments, and your goals; it is not a vehicle for the university to promote itself.


However, include your university expectations by mentioning specifics such as current research areas or distinguished professors with whom you would like to work. This demonstrates that you are logical and practical; and have done extensive research before making an informed decision. It will also be applicable during VISA interviews when you are asked why you chose this particular university over all others.

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Not Being Truthful

Honesty and authenticity are the defining characteristics of a good SOP, and they will always be valued.

Avoid inventing or exaggerating facts, and write the truth. Possibly, the admissions committee will contact your referee and request verification!

Always be truthful and honest: being genuine and candid are qualities that will never go out of style.

Copying Friend’s SOP

Plagiarism is a severe offense in universities around the world. Never copy anything from the Internet’s Sample SOPs, Sample Essays, or any ex-applicant documents. Copied/plagiarized documents may result in immediate rejection from foreign universities and permanent blacklisting of your candidature.

Craft your own essay/SOP. Or, you may seek Assignment Service help from a renowned Sop writing service provider.

Sending Without Proofreading or Editing

Once you’ve finished your SOP and edited it to your liking, give it to a friend, family member, or an expert to review once.


A third party will always be able to detect errors more quickly than you. In addition, solicit their feedback and opinions, which you should try to incorporate into your final draught. These final adjustments and edits are just as necessary as the essay itself.


Never send your SOP without first thoroughly proofreading every single word of it.

To Sum Up

Hope this article gives you insights on how to avoid miIf In case you are unsure about writing an appealing SOP, then connect with the best SOP writers available in the SOP writing service provider.

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