The responsibilities of a content writer for website content and copywriter & content strategist are frequently mistaken. Hence taken for granted. In a manner of speaking, particularly there lies some huge differences among content writer, copywriter & content  strategist. Makes blow our mind when the list includes content strategist as well?

It is very important to be informed of it as to come across the discussion. Because every single one of them has one of a kind difficulties and motives which could only be served with a specific skill set.

As we come to know more about a different type of content writers. it will be easy to differentiate between them so let’s start.


1. What does the word “Copywriter” mean?

A copywriter’s profession is subject to creating attraction. This means that copywriting is directly related to considering to those words in such a language to induce the reader of the content. The persuasion is created among the users, visitors, customers etc when the situations may be either downloading a sales statistics report, or involvement with an organisation. It could also be better known as marketing inscription as it is primarily considered in promotions, marketing reports, promotional emails, print ads, multimedia advertisements, prospectus along with the landing websites.

Not like the various shapes of content writing, particularly copywriting is much more informal while making it bilateral and this is as it’s aim and objective is to convince making it more powerful and difficult to deal with.

Which means the copywriters have the ability to inscribe for product information, SEO work, or an intermediary-free advertising while a handful will target on writing for defined industries by product description writers.

Many can be copywriters, but the question is who is a quality copywriter and what makes his work preferred more?

An efficient and outstanding copywriter or content writer will not fail or miss on the specified target market. Else on which group or segment should be targeted while using an efficient combination of words to put the decision in his favour. As when the customer is won he is and will be the customer/viewer for a pretty long time. So to be a flawless copywriter it is very important on the other hand to have a mighty control over the language of communication with the audience. As well as inducing them is not an easy job to crack. The fantastic copywriters will stand out as they :

Have a complete understanding of the requirements of the audience and study using renowned language words in such a way that they are the best in respect to buying something from the website.

  1. And never leave the blog and are always sure to visit the website without fail on a daily basis.
  2. They prefer taking into consideration the precise brand “voice” to associate along with the readers.
  3. Analyse the business and figure out the marketing objectives
  4. Elaborate tough concepts clear-cut
  5. Understand and explain SEO
  6. Pen a copy wherein the written material is free from jargons (technical terms) and easy to understand.
  7. Use accurate brand “voice” to get along with the readers.
  8. Follow the guidelines and write the copy as per the client requirements.

2. Who’s a content writer?

Completely opposite to a copywriter, nature of the content writer is more anxious with the content that educates, brief, update, notify the readers. Their introduction to online marketing is very high which supports them in creating written material(content) for numerous channels, websites, blogs etc. The basic intention behind content writing is to make the relation between the reader and the brand (organization). The most superb content writers for website content will be able to :


  1. Develop the most perfect keywords to boost SERP visibility
  2. Be sharp and expert in creating long and likable content.
  3. Possess a powerful control over language
  4. Ability to create the content which keeps the reader interested and wishing to read more rather than closing the tab/page.
  5. Expertise to be always up with some innovation
  6. Exercising the language in creating the content in such a way that it is easy to read and understand (reader-friendly)
  7. Continuing to create content for the client until he is satisfied with the service and work quality.
  8. Updated on designing the content as and according to the target audience
  9. Go through the written content so as to be error free which may look like an embarrassment on a well-inscribed content.
  10. Expertise to research to elevate the image of the brand in the market.

   3. What’s a content strategist?

A content strategist directs the methods to which an organisation run through the complete tactic of content  They share a view for the content that the others don’t as they need to deal not just with what is written but also strategies the content accordingly so as to achieve the most out of it. They make use of analytical tools to achieve that.


A productive content writer will be

  1. Able to recognize the target audience
  2. Handle the team of content writers and keep pushing the collaboration
  3. Switch according to marketing budget to boost the ROI
  4. Follow strict guidelines without any compromise on quality
  5. Design content which is upgradeable in nature for extending support to business objectives.
  6. Ability to make use of analytic tools to get the maximum productivity

End of the line

The objective of any copywriter is to convince people so that they could make an action (CTA) is the basic goal of any website. The website content writers aim at keeping the reader engaged.

And the purpose of the content strategist is to produce a manage the process, maximum results in time and carve out a strategy content writer for website content.

Hence after considering the above written post, next time when you are on to writing something make sure you recall these explanations which will help you to inscribe the articles by letting you in which type of Content writer job you fall in and hence working more effectively with clients and others which will make sure that your written content meets it requirements no matter what they are.
















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