Internet in this world is booming and everyone in this world is on the internet. This is really important thing. It increases the importance of Internet more and more. A lot of people are out there who are running their business in internet.


We see abundant of websites on the internet these days and this is all about competition and nothing else. People want to get their websites ranked. Obviously there are different methods people adopt to do this thing.


Role of images in content writing


The most important thing for the website is content but the good and the best content is not enough. You need something more than that. This something more things is pictures for the content on your website.


This is going to be really important as pictures can change things in a great way for your content on your website.


Pictures: How many of them we need?


So this is the question that everyone will ask. Pictures are important. It is a sure thing. The numbed here is not important. This is very important thing to understand. It is not like that 10 are good than the 20 pictures. It is nothing like that.


What you need is memorable pictures for your content. This is going to be really important because a lot of people do not think this way. That makes content less effective. But if you are having selective pictures on your cards then the thing can be really different.


How to do it: The best tips


So if we are looking for picking up the memorable pictures for your content then you really need to mull upon these tips and use them for your best use.


Following are tips you really need to consider when picking up the pictures.


  • No need of stock photos in Body content


This is the first and the most important thing to note as this is going to be really useful. These stock photos seem like miracle at times but these are not helpful all the time.


The thing is that they are luring. But just throwing them into the body content they would really serve no purpose which is not a good big on your part.


The main problem with stock photos is that they are too generic. Moreover these stock photos have negative effects when you use them in body content. So do not use them there.


Also they do not have the data backing. So try using the screenshots instead of the stock photos more and more for the body content. So this is a good way to start with the things when you decide to pick up the photos for your content.


  • Go for the pictures which show the working


You do not need to go with the simple pictures all the time. You need something practical which you can show the working of the things like the tool or anything which you are promoting.


So try using the tutorials and walk throughs. They will help a lot as people will get to know how the things actually turn out to be.


Tutorials are going to be really effective with the content. It is something practical with which the people can work with. Tutorials are the best way to work with content.


You can explain your content in a best way with the tutorials and the walkthroughs.


So this is another great idea to work with. So use the tutorials and walkthroughs in the form of pictures for your content.


  • Try using GIFS for the specifics


The thing is that the gifs can be really helpful for the content but it is not always the case. You can not always use the gifs. You can save them for some type of audience but not for all of them.


Every type of content is different. In the light hearted content you can use the GIFS but if you are going to use them in any type of technical content then it is not going to help your cause.


Gifs are great alternative to the pictures but it is not always the case. So only use them for the specific purposes.


  • Use great colour combination in pictures


Let us something that really appeals to you. Colours is the good answer. Colours really appeal to our inner sense. We prople like different types of colors.


We people always prefer good color combination. So the colors in the pictures for your content must be harmonious. This is always going to help your content. It will really appeal the audience when they read your content.


  • Add facts and figures in form of pictures


You can add facts and figures in the form of pictures in your content. Facts and the figures are only the stats but these really help the people to connect the things in the different contents.


In all these ways you can really pick memorable pictures for your content.


Pictures are always important for the content and you need always need good pictures. You can pick them with the above explained tips easily

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