How to write best e- commerce product description

Overview of the subject

How is a product description assisting in boosting the sales of a product? Sounds confusing, isn’t it? But yes it equally contributes to most attributes looking at which a product is brought. Hundreds of e-commerce vocations meanwhile they were busy in developing the basic framework of their first websites unknowingly missed on focusing on the importance of e-commerce product description.

 In reality the technicalities of the product and project work is paid more attention as compared to the creative side of marketing which actually is the product description, dimensions, specifications along with superb quality product pictures is holding an equivalent position to the product itself in order to uplift the rate of conversion which is actual motive of any e-commerce business.

So let us have a close look at what exactly a product description means to be which will help in understanding the e-commerce product description and importance of this in content writing in a much better way.

1.Meaning of product description

In simpler terms, the product description means the marketing content that spells out the definition of the product in a simplified language and what makes the product worth buying. The sole objective of the e-commerce product description is to furnish the customers with the attributes revolving in and around the characteristics and the advantages an individual will be able to avail simply by laying hands on (purchasing) the particular & desired product.

2. The Harsh Facts

On the other side, it is quite hard to digest the fact that if an e-commerce website is not able to spellbind the buyers then you are not going to run the business efficiently or as planned.  Never mind the huge chunk of funds that are being spent on advertisements or the quality of commercials unless and until a superb but simple and clear e-commerce product description is penned down. Majority of the entrepreneurs are unknown to the fact of having a powerful product description may at the end of the day bring business rather than the other methods and marketing techniques which are going to considered and seen as a mighty method of getting elevated sales stats. A quality product description is the key to a successful e-commerce business which may appear to be something very petty to the human eye but has humongous power to get the job done.

3. Common Scenarios

On the other hand, some handful business tries their level best to get the most tempting and exciting e-commerce product description for almost every product they are trying to market and at the same time sell it, the other half are far away from the thought of doing so and make the worst choice an e-commerce business could ever opt to, copy-paste either from the rival sites or from the product manufacturer’s homepage and end up with plagiarism which is then followed by those who don’t even bother to do that much and leave the product without a description. But according to the most successful entrepreneurs it is strongly recommended to avert from copy-pasting and instead write own unique and informative but at the same time descriptions that may be able to pull the job with accuracy and perfection.

4. Things that make the product descriptions much more significant than any other attributes

  • Enchants the customers and results into higher sales

A perfectly inscribed description of the product describes the advantages of the product and wins over the customer in such a way that they do not just want the product but actually, they are in absolute need of it. The written product description on any e-commerce website is the golden chance to snag the heed as it may eventually create a need and they end up buying the product just because of the e-commerce product description. And as it is not possible for the customers to physically access the product so the product description of the item may act as a substitute under such conditions.

  • Aid and abet in SEO


An original or a genuine content is a million times better than the replicated paraphrased e-commerce product description under any circumstances, so it does not matter in the slightest on how much the content is or the quantity of the words used for product description but the quality of the product descriptions plays a much more vital role with respect to product description. So just in case if any individual or e-commerce organization is thinking about getting over with the product description by grabbing something from here and there or copy-pasting something from some website or source as well it is better to avoid such practices as the Google’s piracy policy blocks such content from being seen and at by the end of the day the SEO ranking slips from a higher position to a substantially lower position

  • Indication of expertise


A product description that is easily readable is having the high chances of higher conversion rates. An appealing e-commerce product description is just another demonstration of being an expert in the profession. Hence a professional touch in the product description on the website shows how serious the professionals or the individuals are towards their business and in return pays them with a strong customer-choice award and word of mouth publicity (free publicity)

(D) Intensifies the surfing occurrence

A tempting product description or catalogue pulls more buyers and potential customers. A product with a clear and precise description with a decent presentation is sure to drag more customers. Product descriptions which are one of a kind, along with superb quality product images and user-friendly interface are altogether integrated to attract more and more customers.


Any individual who has started the e-commerce business should know the value of being unique and providing customers with what they have been looking for all these years which is why being different does not mean to bring or implement something out of the box but rather than it means whatever done is done with passion and by maintaining originality in what is being delivered to the audience

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